Extended Care

Extended Day

The Preschool Day is 9am – 12pm.

The Junior Kindergarten Day is 9am – 2pm.

The Elementary / Middle School Day is 8:15am – 3pm.

Care for all students is available from 7:45am – 5:30pm under the Extended Care umbrella. For students who regularly participate in Extended Care, those annualized rates are available for review under the Tuition tab. For an explanation of Extended Care drop-in fees and programming, see below.

Elementary and Middle School Students:
Carpool for Elementary and Middle School is FREE and opens at 7:50am.

For students who need / want to stay at school past 3pm, After School Care is available. Students participating in After School Care will eat a parent -provided afternoon snack, spend time working on homework, have gross motor / recess time in the gym and / or on the playground, and will have free time in the classroom.

After School Care (3pm – 5:30) is available on all regular school days for elementary and middle school students according to the fee schedule listed below:

If your child is not regularly scheduled for School Age After Care, the Drop-In Rate PER DAY is $25.

Preschool Students:

In preschool, Before and After School Care are extensions of the learning program. Students who participate in Before and / or After School Care will experience structure and activities similar to that of the regular preschool classroom. Circle Time, small group instruction, art, sensory activities, gross motor, fine motor, snack / meal time, self-care, and Free Play are all components of our Extended Day Programming for Preschool.

If you are not regularly scheduled for Before Care, the Drop-In Rate PER DAY is $10.

Please see the office for Drop-In rates for Preschool Aftercare. They range from $10-$40 per day.