Taught by highly qualified educators, our unique and inclusive elementary curriculum meets the needs of all learners, including those working above grade level, typical learners, and those working below grade level. Friends School offers a truly individualized program for each student, crafted from parental input, assessments, observation and student progress.

Friends School adheres to the learning standards and benchmarks set by the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) with regards to core content. This means that your elementary student will receive instruction in and meet objectives tied to all KDE standards. For specific information regarding grade level core content, please view the Curriculum Frameworks.

In addition to language arts, math, social studies, and science, elementary students also experience special area instruction in music, art, Spanish, technology, physical education, FLASH (Family Life and Sexual Health, with parent permission), social skills, and conflict resolution. Field trips are an extension of classroom learning and include visits to plays, museums, nature centers and other community resources. The children also participate in community service projects throughout the year to strengthen their awareness of the world around them and help them learn ways in which they can make a contribution to their community.

Evaluation of student progress is based upon weekly assessments for reading, spelling, writing, and math, as well as student journals, portfolios, written narratives, and observations. Frequent student-teacher-parent communication enables the teachers to determine each child’s strengths and needs and to set appropriate goals throughout the year. Progress reports are completed and shared with families four times per year. Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled twice per year and the opportunity to meet with teachers and administrators are available monthly through team meetings.

Curriculum Framework

Kindergarten Curriculum
First Grade Curriculum
Second Grade Curriculum
Third Grade Curriculum
Fourth Grade Curriculum
Fifth Grade Curriculum