Admissions Process

Friends School is a very unique learning community. We feel that prospective families and students must first visit the school and get a feel for the culture and philosophy before making application. Therefore, Friends School requires that interested families take a tour of the school prior to submitting an application for enrollment. Applications from the larger community are accepted and logged in a “first come, first served” order. Open houses and tours are offered on a regular basis.

Registration for currently enrolled families always begins in January, shortly after the winter break. Siblings of currently enrolled students are also invited to register for the following school year. Applications and registration fees for current families are due to the office within one week of the call for in-house registrations. Once current families are placed, Friends School will begin considering applications from the larger community.

Friends School administrators will invite students who have submitted applications to come into school for an evaluation for placement. Through one-on-one assessment, observation, record review, and classroom shadowing, both the Friends School faculty and the family will be able to determine if Friends School is the best placement for the student. Friends School offers enrollment slots on a rolling deadline – filling slots until classrooms are full. All students who have applied but have not been evaluated or accepted will then be placed on a waiting list.

Admission to Friends School is at the sole discretion of the head of school and decisions are always made in keeping with the best interests of the child, the family, the classroom, and the school. Friends School reserves the right to place children in the class best suited to each individual child’s needs, as well as the needs of the other students, the classroom as a whole, and the needs and strengths of the teachers.

Sample Time Line for Application / Enrollment

  1. Contact the school to request information, find out the next Open House Date and / or schedule a tour.
  2. Tour Friends School.
  3. Submit an Application and the Application Fee ($25 for preschool, $75 for Kindergarten through 8th grade).
  4. Submit all required documentation (if any) including report cards or progress reports from previous or current school; assessments conducted by psychologist, SLP, OT, PT, or other outside organizations or individuals; therapy and / or progress notes from any of the above listed professionals; any other documentation requested or required to inform the Friends School faculty about the prospective student.
  5. Present prospective student to Friends School for a scheduled assessment.
  6. Present prospective student to Friends School for a scheduled shadow date.
  7. Meet with the Head of School or the Assistant Head of School to discuss assessment, shadowing, and enrollment status. At this meeting, placement will be offered, deferred, or declined.
  8. If both the family and the school agree that Enrollment is in the best interests of all parties, the family will be asked to register the child(ren).
  9. A Registration Fee of $300 for one student or $500 for two or more children from the same family must be provided to the school.
  10. The family will then be asked to sign a binding enrollment contract. Contracts must be signed within 2 weeks of receipt. Contracts are fully binding, and must be honored even in the case of withdrawal.
  11. Submit required enrollment paperwork, including an immunization certificate (or exemption form).
  12. Your student may begin attending on a date agreed upon by the family and the administration of Friends School.